Steel Roller Shutters

Thompson’s Roller Shutters manufactures an extensive range of Steel Roller Shutters for industrial, commercial and heavy residential applications, Sydney wide and beyond.

Aluminium Roller Shutters

Thompson’s Aluminium shutters are designed to work seamlessly in applications where lighter and quieter shutters are needed. Just like any shutter, the aluminium shutters feature hand balanced, manual operation, with motorised options to suit your specific needs.

Sectional Overhead Doors

Thompson’s Sectional Overhead Doors has been designed to be quiet, lightweight and reliable. They are suitable for use in commercial and multi-level strata type residential applications and will be manufactured to suit your application requirements.

Inferno Fire Rated Shutters

Our general purpose and specially designed fire-rated shutter. The Thompson’s Fire Rated Shutters can be installed with a smoke detector and will descend automatically to be a smoke and fire barrier. This door is ideal for use in high quality, high profile, technically demanding situations.

Weather Resistant Shutters

Thompson’s Weather Resistant Roller Shutters feature specific parts compared to standard roller shutters, and are specifically designed to be able to resist sustained weather related corrosion.

High Wind Shutters

Thompson’s High Wind Shutters are ideal if the site is particularly exposed, or subject to high winds. Suitable for commercial & industrial applications like warehouses, factories, mines, car park entries and loading docks.

Loading Dock Shutters

Thompson’s range of Loading Dock roller shutters have been designed for commercial & industrial purposes including factories, warehouses, garbage rooms, loading docks and arcade entrances.

Carpark Shutters

Car park entrances need roller shutters that are fast, tough, quiet, durable and easily repairable and the Carpark traffic Shutter has been specifically designed for this and similar purposes.

Vision & Ventilation Shutters

These Ventilation Shutters are designed for situations where good looks are as important. The Perfslat is ideal for use in carpark entrances, shopping arcades etc.

Hand Balanced Shutters

As the name suggests, our Hand Balanced Countertop shutter is designed for serving counters like kiosks, canteens, tuck shops.

Roller Shutter Dimensions Calculator

For architects, builders and installers. Calculates the room you need to install one of our shutters.