Thompson’s Steel Roller Shutters are designed for openings large and small – up to 12m high and 14m wide for all applications and operations, manual and automated. The shutters, rollers, and slats are custom designed by our in-house engineers to provide the quietest operated shutters in the market.

Our designs switch accordingly to each application using a range of slats, guides, rollers, brackets and other accessories to provide a perfect solution for every application and environment they are installed in. Our Steel Roller Shutters can be used from simple Factory & Warehouse Shutters, to the demands of large Fire Rated Shutters.

  • Constructed from interlocking galvanised steel slats secured on every alternate end by a metal end or Nylon clip to prevent lateral slat movement and allow smooth operation and secured on every fourth slat by a special clip to lock into the guides.
  • Standard heavy duty bearings in the roller drum to allow for ease of operation.
  • Flush mount handles for ease of lifting.
  • High strength galvanised steel guides to allow additional security against vandalism.
  • Easily repairable components – full range of spare parts are readily available from our service department.
  • Powdercoat (pre-coated) or polyurethane finish (painted on site)
  • Special ventilated vision panels for vision through the shutter.
  • Head or side panels
  • Weatherstrips
  • Brush strips to restrict vermin or dust entering.
  • Removable mullions allowing wider openings in a single span
  • Two point bottom rail locking (not recommended for motorised doors)
By Motor – Tubular, Chain, Shaft
By Chain – using reduction chain box with endless galvanised pull chain
Motorised options only

  • Key operated isolating switch to enhance security
  • Outside key switch or card readers on key pad for external operation of door
Thompsons Steel Roller Shutters
Roller: 100mm – 406mm Dia at 3.5mm to 9.5mm Seamless Drawn steel tube housing counterbalanced springs
Roller Axle: 38mm dia steel tube axle
Slat: 50mm, 75mm and 100mm profile
Guide: 50mm – 200mm galvanised pressed steel channel
Bottom Rail: 50mm x 50mm x 6mm Steel or aluminium angle
Brackets: 8mm mild steel plate

  • Sliding steel shootbolt locking
  • Centre lift lock to bottom rail or at waist height
  • Motorised:  Locked automatically by gearbox

Motor: Tubular motor
Chain: Reduction chain box with endless galvanised hand pull chain

  • Standard  galvanised
  • Powdercoated (pre-finished)
  • Polyurethane (painted on site)

Weather Resistant

Thompson’s Roller Shutters are weather resistant featuring specific parts compared to standard roller shutters to be able to resist sustained weather-related corrosion.

High Wind Shutters

Ideal if the site is particularly exposed, or subject to high winds. Thompson’s High Wind Roller Shutters suitable for warehouses, factories, mines, car park entries and loading docks.

Loading Docks

Loading Docks Roller Shutters has been designed for factories, warehouses, garbage rooms, loading docks and arcade entrances.

Carpark Shutters

Car park entrances need roller shutters that are fast, tough, quiet, durable and easily repairable, and the Traffic shutter has been specifically designed for this and similar purposes.

Security Shutters

Thompson’s SENTINEL Roller Shutter Sydney has been specifically designed for shops, small arcade entries, local club playing field facilities and school storage areas. It is a purpose built roller shutter with emphasis on security, clean lines and reliability.

Vision & Ventilation

Designed for situations where good looks are as important as security and ventilation. The Perfslat is ideal for use in carpark entrances, shopping arcades etc.

Hand Balanced Shutters

As the name suggests, our Hand Balanced Countertop shutter is designed for servery counters like kiosks, canteens, tuck shops and other places where medium security is needed.

Roller Shutter Dimensions Calculator

For architects, builders, and installers. Calculates the room you need to install one of our shutters.

We Design, Manufacture, Install, Service & Repair Steel Roller Shutters across Sydney & NSW.

Need high-quality steel roller shutters in Sydney? Call 02 9567 0488 no matter where you are or what your unique business requirements are, Thompson’s Roller Shutters will have the best suited steel roller shutters for you.