Thompson’s Sectional Overhead Doors have been designed to be quiet, lightweight, secure and reliable. Sectional doors are suitable for use in commercial and multi-level, strata type residential applications and will be manufactured to suit your complete requirements.

  • Constructed from interlocking galvanised steel slats secured on every alternate end by a metal end or Nylon clip to prevent lateral slat movement and allow smooth operation and secured on every fourth slat by a special clip to lock into the guides.
  • Standard heavy duty bearings in the roller drum to allow for ease of operation.
  • Flush mount handles for ease of lifting.
  • High strength galvanised steel guides to allow additional security against vandalism.
  • Easily repairable components – full range of spare parts are readily available from our service department.
  • Powdercoat (pre-coated) or polyurethane finish (painted on site)
  • Special ventilated vision panels for vision through the shutter.
  • Head or side panels
  • Weatherstrips
  • Brush strips to restrict vermin or dust entering.
  • Removable millions allowing wider openings in a single span
  • Two point bottom rail locking (not recommended for motorised doors)
By Motor – Tubular, Chain, Shaft
By Chain – using reduction chain box with endless galvanised pull chain
Motorised options only

  • Key operated isolating switch to enhance security
  • Outside key switch or card readers on key pad for external operation of door
Thompsons Steel Roller Shutters
Roller: 100mm – 406mm Dia at 3.5mm to 9.5mm Seamless Drawn steel tube housing counterbalanced springs
Roller Axle: 38mm dia steel tube axle
Slat: 50mm, 75mm and 100mm profile
Guide: 50mm – 200mm galvanised pressed steel channel
Bottom Rail: 50mm x 50mm x 6mm Steel or aluminium angle
Brackets: 8mm mild steel plate

  • Sliding steel shootbolt locking
  • Centre lift lock to bottom rail or at waist height
  • Motorised:  Locked automatically by gearbox

Motor: Tubular motor
Chain: Reduction chain box with endless galvanised hand pull chain

  • Standard  galvanised
  • Powdercoated (pre-finished)
  • Polyurethane (painted on site)

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