Thompson’s Carpark Roller Shutters provide a solution which includes both our Steel Roller Shutters and our Sectional doors. Both doors are designed for frequent use with excellent ventilation via perforated, mesh or slotted inserts. They are quietly operated and are designed for quick replacement of parts and ease of use.

Thompson’s Carpark Roller Shutters have been specifically designed for high use reliability and low noise. They were designed with carpark entrances and other high traffic areas with ventilation requirements in mind and consist quick replacement for damaged parts. It is the quietest operating roller shutter in our range and can integrate into various access control applications.

Our sectional doors are quieter than the roller shutters and suit applications for a higher ventilation requirement (up to 85% for mesh panels) and come with battery backup up to 100 cycles as standard in the case of a power failure in the building.

Thompson’s Carpark Roller Shutters Features

  • Constructed from easily repairable interlocking galvanised steel slats fixed on every alternate end by a nylon end clip to prevent lateral slat movement and allow smooth operation.
  • Slat width is standard 50mm for tighter roll-up.
  • High usage bearings to withstand continuous opening and closing
  • Continuous rated motors to cope with constant operation
  • Minimum head room needed compared to standard shutters

Thompson’s Carpark Sectional Doors Features

  • Steel reinforcements for a stronger door
  • Heavy Duty Nylon wheels for smoother and quieter operation requiring little or no lubrication
  • High Ventilation rate up to 85%
  • Battery backup to 100 Cycles
  • Available in multiple power coating colours
  • Can be used for loading docks within residential applications for minimised headroom

For more Information about Carpark Roller Shutters

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