Thompson’s Roller Shutters are geared to provide not only emergency or reactive service calls but also do planned servicing on all types of doors and equipment. Our Preventative Maintenance Programmes are individually designed to suit the needs of your particular door or closing device.

Within every site, there are some doors that can be high usage and others which are seldom used. We can tailor design a preventative maintenance programme designed to suit the needs of your particular roller shutter, boom gate, sectional door, sliding gate, roller door, bi-fold door or tilt-a-door – depending on the number of cycles per day or month, and designed to fit in with your budget.

What happens at the start of the maintenance contract?

Upon instigation of a service agreement, a portfolio is prepared detailing all the doors on each particular site. Each door will be allocated a Service Item card and information on this card will include door measurements, door model, finish, types of motor or operating equipment – as well as information such as access times and the number of cycles the door operates each day.

As the servicing progresses, a history is created from the service technician’s reports, listing damage, replaced parts and problems. This way we have a clear record of each door. By keeping this detailed record of all shutters, we can facilitate fast response times when spare parts are required.

Why should I have our doors maintained?

  • Ensures the multiple moving parts which make up doors and closing devices are checked and lubricated
  • Extends the operational life of the door
  • Identifies potential problems with the door which could create OH&S issues for the operator or a pedestrian walking in the vicinity of the door – or damage to a vehicle coming through the door;
  • Reduces risk of future downtime
  • Ensures that the door is kept in a safe operating condition
  • Helps to avoid future emergency call outs
  • Assists in budget planning for building maintenance
  • Provides annual Fire Certification for fire rated shutters required to be submitted each year

What happens during a maintenance check?

Our service teams have a checklist which they must complete for each door or item registered on the service contract. Each type of door or closing device has its very own checklist.

If, at any time, our service team comes across impact damage or signs of abuse, we will send a written report detailing damage and a written quotation for the repair cost to a nominated person in your organisation.

How do I arrange a maintenance contract?

If you would like a maintenance contract, do not hesitate to contact us. A representative will visit you at your convenience to discuss your requirements and prepare a quotation.

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