Sometimes surrounding structures are not strong enough to take a roller shutter door.  In these cases, custom made steelwork is manufactured to be used for openings where supporting structure is not of adequate strength to take roller shutter.

Other steel surrounds include Pelmets, Pedestrian Doors & Gates and Mullions.


Slotting can cover a whole curtain or a section of curtain, whichever your preference.

Perfslat panels

As with the slotted slats, perforated slats can be used on a whole curtain or just a section of the curtain.  View our perfslat product here.

Mullions & Dividers

In many cases, it is preferable to be able to open a large area on the side of a building or warehouse, in which case, mullions are used. Mullions are steel structures with side guides fitted each side to allow the shutters to close into them.

Sliding centre mullions

Are designed to slide out of the way when the doors are open.

Hinged mullions

Are designed to be lifted up against the ceiling and fixed horizontally via a manual or electronic winch.


Custom made infills to close gaps above and beside a roller shutter. These can be used to close up an opening or just for aesthetic purposes.