All roller shutters come in a standard galvanised finish. Other finishes include Powder Coating and Poly Painting which can be applied to any roller shutter curtain whether it’s slotted, perfslat or plain.

Powder Coating

Is applied to new and replacement steel parts, including shutter curtains, replacement slats and surrounding steel work such as pelmets, bottom rails/ splays, mullions and pedestrian doors and gates. Powder Coating has a turn-around from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the colour and job. Once finished, the door or parts can be installed and used immediately.

We use both Dulux and Colorbond’s Powdercoat range, in which our customers can choose from the following of any colour they prefer from either supplier.

Click here to view the Dulux Powder Coatings Colour Selector

Click here to view the Colorbond Powder Coatings Range

Note: We strongly suggest viewing colours in person rather than on your computer or device as colours may vary. Please contact Dulux, Colorbond or one of our sales representatives for a colour brochure.

Two-Pack Polyurethane Paint

Can be applied to new and existing steel parts and shutter curtains without needing to replace or remove the parts. This finish is applied on site to the external face of the shutter curtain and be colour matched to existing surrounds. Once completed, it is essential that the door is not operated until the paint hardens. This usually takes around 1-2 days, weather depending.