Thompsons Roller Shutters provide a complete range of the most durable and cost effective operating solutions to suit all individual applications for our customers for both sectional doors and roller shutters.

Pedestrian Access Doors

Wicket gates are designed for situations where access is needed through a roller shutter door without opening the roller shutter itself, usually where there is no other access into the building or some staff need access to the warehouse outside office hours.

Weather Seals

Weather Seals aid in deterring dust and debris from entering under the roller shutter and are not specifically designed to prevent water running under the door.

Operating Systems

We offer a wide range of options in order to be able to operate your roller shutter once it’s installed.


If you’re interested in automating an existing roller shutter, upgrading your equipment or simply after a replacement remote Thompson’s Roller Shutters can help you with all your needs.


There are a number of locking mechanisms available for your roller shutter door.

Bottom Rails & Splays

Splayed bottom rails or cut out bottom rails to minimise gaps or spaces beside or under the roller shutter bottom rail where the slope of the ground is different from one side to another.

Safety Accessories

Touch sensitive auto reversing bottom rails – prevent the door coming down on obstacle in its path, the door simply reverses when it touches the obstacle. Without them, a door can close without knowing anything is below it.

Colours & Finishes

All roller shutters come in a standard galvanised finish. Other finishes include Powder Coating and Poly Painting which can be applied to any roller shutter curtain whether it’s slotted, perfslat or plain.

Custom Steelwork

Sometimes surrounding structures are not strong enough to take a roller shutter door. In these cases, custom made steelwork is manufactured to be used for openings where supporting structure is not of adequate strength to take roller shutter.

Noise & Vibration Kits

In conjunction with steel angle support jambs, isolating rubber vibration mounts can be fitted to reduce transmission of vibration and sound to the surrounding structures.

Mullions & Dividers

In many cases, it is preferable to be able to open a large area on the side of a building or warehouse, in which case, mullions are used.


Custom made infills to close gaps above and beside a roller shutter. These can be used to close up an opening or just for aesthetic purposes.