We offer a wide range of options in order to be able to operate your roller shutter once it’s installed.

If no power is available, the only way it can be operated is by hand lifting (for small doors) with ‘D’ handles or flush mounted handles, or by a chain reduction gearbox (for larger doors).

If power is available there are many more options available to you, such as:

Push button contactors – these are simple wall mounted push button boxes next to the inside of the shutter door fitted with simple UP, STOP and DOWN buttons and are the standard motor operation system.

Power isolating switches – usually fitted next to the push button contactor, meaning that a key has to be used to turn the power on in order to operate the shutter.  This offers more protection as it stops unauthorised persons from operating the roller shutter and potentially leaving the premises open.

Key operated switches – can be fitted to the inside or outside of the shutter in place of the push button contactor.  These are Invaluable for buildings where the only access is through the roller shutter, or where certain staff need access outside of business hours when the office is unmanned and locked.

More advanced operators include:

Logic control boards – allow multiple functions to be enabled and allows input with other systems like:

  • Remote controls
  • Card readers
  • Loop detectors
  • Fire and smoke systems
  • Automatic 7-day or 365-day timers.

Fitting your door with logic control equipment:

Remote controls – can be a key ring type button controls or small hand held remotes, similar to a mobile phone.  They are coded in to work with the motor unit using a special code that is usually set by the manufacturer.

Card Systems – are usually linked in via your building’s protection company.  In this case a card, similar to a credit card, is used in place of a remote control.  The advantages of having a card system is that it’s less bulky and if a card is lost, or a tenant leaves without returning their card, the card identification number can be deleted from the system therefore disabling the card from being used.  The cards are less costly than the remote controls.

Wiring the door to work with the building fire system:

Certain logic systems have the ability to be interfaced with building fire systems, which mean they close in the event of a fire.

Smoke detectors – enable the door to close as part of fire protection system within a building.

Automatic timers – allow for automatic open and close at certain times of day or at different times for different days of the week, e.g. weekends.

Card or remote access is required to access the door out of hours.