Wicket gates are designed for situations where access is needed through a roller shutter door without opening the roller shutter itself, usually where there is no other access into the building or some staff need access to the warehouse outside office hours.

We provide two sizes:
Large wicket gate – approx. 1980mm high x 760mm wide – form part of the roller shutter curtain and can be used as a normal access door whilst keeping the rest of the opening closed by the roller shutter.  This type of gate is usually manufactured to comply with Council requirements.

Small wicket gate – approx. 1200mm high x 600mm wide – are used for access into the roller shutter, usually when there is no other access into the area apart from the roller shutter

Note: Motorised doors are fitted with a wicket gate switch post to prevent the door being operated if the access gate is closed into the roller shutter door.

Access doors – this is an optional solution for custom made openings where a wicket gate is not suitable.  These doors are mounted beside the roller shutter and made out of the same material for aesthetic purposes so they form a part of the whole opening.  In these cases, the fabrication includes head pelmets and side pelmets to enclose the shutter.