The best way to ensure smooth the operation of your roller shutters and to reduce maintenance costs in the long term is to frequently monitor their performance. Inevitably, problems that go unaddressed can turn into bigger problems that require a higher cost down the road. Finding problems sooner means you avoid any potential ‘knock on’ problems that might occur.

Not only that, but having properly functioning roller shutters is important for maintaining the safety of yourself, your workers, and everyone around you. Performing regular maintenance checks is good for business and good for workers.

The Thompson’s team knows that prevention is better than cure, so we’ve assembled a list of things to do when performing your own maintenance checks.

General Wear and Tear

To start with, be sure to inspect the door springs, cables, rollers, and other hardware. Look for obvious damage, broken parts, etc. but don’t try to do too much. Springs and related hardware operate under high tension and are liable to cause severe injury when handled improperly. Check to make sure that the tracks are clear of built-up grit and debris, so the door does not catch or jam on one side.

If you can see a problem but aren’t sure how to fix it, leave it to the professionals. Not only do we perform regular maintenance checks, but we also provide a 24/7 emergency repair service.

Maintaining lubrication of the roller shutters will ensure that they continue to run smoothly, reducing excessive friction and damage. However, different lubricants are required for different types of roller shutter. When in doubt, contact us for advice on the proper lubricant for your Thompson’s Roller Shutter products.

Nothing Beats a Thompson’s Expert Opinion!

Doing all of the above is very important, but nothing replaces an experienced Thompson’s opinion. Roller shutters inevitably suffer wear and tear, and will need a service – there’s no way to avoid that. Performing your own checks will ensure that you don’t need a professional opinion any more than necessary, but they are still essential because an expert eye can spot problems well in advance that may not be apparent to someone dealing with the thousand other tasks involved in running a business.

Our experts have specialised training and skills, and we have a full range of replacement parts that can be used to solve all manner of issues. Not only that, but central to the Thompson’s philosophy is the idea of ‘preventative maintenance’ – figuring out roller shutter solutions to problems that haven’t occurred yet – saving you money in the long run.

We also keep history records of maintenance work that has been done on your roller shutters, so we will arrive fully informed of the history of your doors, and ready to work – rather than having to figure out problems from the ground up.

Organise Professional Repairs and Maintenance

Maintaining your roller shutters is a team effort. Keep checking regularly for maintenance issues, and never hesitate to contact the Thompson’s Roller Shutters team. We’ll save you time, trouble, energy, and money – and ensure that your roller shutter solutions go the distance!