Leading the Industry in Steel and Aluminium Roller Shutter Doors

Thompson’s have been leaders in the Roller Shutter industry for 89 years. We specialize in the design, manufacture, installation, service and repair of Industrial, commercial, and heavy-residential steel and aluminium Roller Shutters along with Sectional Overhead Doors in Sydney.

We have built a reputation on quality, reliable and highly durable products that our customers can rely on. The choice between steel or aluminium comes down to what you will be using your product for, we have you covered for anything from an oversized large warehouse shutter to a small, but high use car park sectional doors.

Steel or Aluminium Roller Shuuters

In a contest of sheer brute strength, steel will always come out on top. If your business located in areas of Sydney, where wild weather is of concern to you, steel would be a more suitable choice, in particular our ‘Typhoon’ wind-resistant Steel Roller Shutters and fire-resistant ‘Inferno’ Roller Shutters which are made from extremely durable and long lasting steel.

However, if your building requires a lighter hand balanced shutter for, say, a small garbage or store room, or can only fit into a space with low headroom but will be used frequently, then aluminium roller shutters may be a more suitable choice.

High-Strength Steel Shutters

When it comes to safeguarding steel is the first option for obvious reasons. The heavy-duty interlocking steel slats that make up our Roller Shutters give you more protection against thieves, vandals, and intruders than lighter duty, flimsy roller doors which are more commonly made from aluminium. If protection is your main priority, then steel is the best option for shops in neighbourhoods with high crime rates, and for warehouses, factories, and other operations that are often in isolated areas.

Contact Thompson’s Roller Shutters in Sydney for expert advice when selecting the materials for your Roller Shutters that can future proof your industrial or commercial building.