Increase Vision and Ventilation in Your Car Park or Building

Adding roller shutters to your car park is a great way to enhance protection and provide customers with much-needed peace of mind. Choosing roller shutters with perforated, slotted or amplimesh options is also a great way to increase vision and ventilation to your carpark or building. Consider our Thompson PerfSLAT roller shutters for their strength and functionality.

About PerfSLAT Roller Shutters

PerfSLAT Roller Shutters increase visibility and enhance ventilation without compromising on car park protection. They are made of strong interlocking galvanised steel slats that have small air holes perforating throughout. These shutters also feature strong and solid interlocking curls and they can even be used as a curtain.

Only Open to Air

With PerfSLAT roller shutters, you can say hello to the fresh air without welcoming threats.

In fact, when you choose 50mm slats, you can achieve up to 20 per cent airflow. With 75mm slats, you will add 32 per cent air flow – all this without the possibility of a threat coming through.

PerfSLAT’s screens are better than conventional slotted shutters because the small holes don’t allow for inquisitive fingers or even birds and insects to pass through.

In addition, these curtains are finished with a protective coating that keeps them durable and stronger for much longer. You can choose between a powder coated finish or two-pack polyurethane.

Add Even More

If you want to add a bit more to your roller shutters for our Carparks, Shopping Arcades or building, Thompson Roller Shutters in Sydney can help you. Look at the range of Industrial Door Solution that Roller Shutters has to offer to you and for extra customisation, choose to enhance your new shutters with:

  • Head panels
  • Pedestrian egress gates
  • Weatherstrips
  • Two point bottom rail locking
  • Waist high locking

Motorised Options

Add some extra functionality and protection when you choose one of our great motorised options:

  1. Invest in automated operation through a Logic Control Box and a Touch Sensitive Auto Reversing Bottom Rail
  2. Easily add or delete separation units with Individually Coded Hand Transmitters
  3. Enhance protection automation with Key Operated Isolating Switches
  4. Improve external door operation with an Outside Key Switch
  5. Visiting cars won’t have to worry about opening and closing doors when you have Proximity Key Readers and Auto Close Options

Locking Roller Shutter options!

There are a few different options available for locking your roller shutters. You can use our motorised option that locks automatically through the gearbox or you can choose shootbolt locking or centre lift locking with a key.

Make your car park one that customers enjoy. Get in touch or call 02 9567 0488 for more information about these or any of our other shutters.