Get the most out of your Commercial Roller Shutters

Even the highest quality Commercial or Industrial Roller Shutters need regular maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operation.  Regular services and inspections will ensure your roller door is tightened and correctly aligned, all moving parts are lubricated and will pick up on small, seemingly insignificant problems that may cause greater problems in the future.


Check for wear and tear

An inspection of the door springs, cables, rollers, and other hardware is a great place to begin.  Look for signs of wear, such as broken parts, however, remember not to overreach your abilities – the springs and related hardware are under high tension and can cause severe injury if handled improperly.  Ensure the tracks are kept clear of grit and debris so the door does not jam or catch on one side.

Regular lubrication will keep your Sydney Industrial and Commercial buildings Roller doors running smoothly, however depending on the type of Roller shutter will depend on what type of lubricant to use, and where to use it.  It is imperative that the right products be used on your door so as to not cause any problems or faults.  A qualified service technician is essential for more complicated Roller Shutter repairs.


Get a Professional Opinion

While your own maintenance efforts are important, don’t rely on them alone.  Regular inspections, repairs and/or services of your commercial and industrial Roller Shutters by a professional like Thompson’s Roller Shutters in Sydney is important as they have specialised training, skills and tools to ensure the job is done properly.


Preventative Maintenance Programmes

At Thompson’s, we manufacture, install, and maintain various types of Roller Shutter doors and gates in Sydney as part of our preventative maintenance programs.  Depending on the type of Industrial or Commercial Roller doors you have, how frequently they are used, and under what conditions they are used, we can tailor a service schedule to suit your needs.


Regular servicing your Roller Shutter will ensure that:

  • The multiple moving parts which make up doors and closing devices are checked, tightened, aligned and lubricated.
  • The operational life of the door is maximised.
  • Avoid Work, Health and Safety issues for workers, pedestrians, vehicles, etc. that could arise from problems with your door.
  • The risk of unexpected downtime is reduced.
  • The door is kept in its peak operating condition.
  • The chance of emergency call outs and repairs are minimal.
  • Annual fire certification is undertaken for fire rated shutters.


Record the history of your Roller Shutter

Thompson’s Roller Shutters manufactures and supplies Commercial Roller Shutters and Industrial Roller Shutters throughout Sydney, Sectional Overhead Doors and other types of doors & gates, as well as services, repairs and maintains doors and gates in Sydney.  We record every job, big or small, so that our team and yours can build up a picture of the particular stresses and vulnerabilities of your commercial and industrial Roller Shutter Doors.

Trust our team to know your doors inside and out, ensuring that they continue to work properly.  For assistance with all things Roller Shutter Doors in Sydney, simply contact us today.