Thompson’s High Wind Roller Shutters have been specifically designed for high-velocity wind conditions. The High Wind shutters are designed to have 100mm, 200mm or Windlock guides along with various thicknesses for the slats to maintain a certain amount of flex and wind ventilation without losing strength.

Industrial Roller Shutters Features

  • Made from strong interlocking galvanised steel slats in deep rounded profiles of 75mm or 100 mm widths.
  • General clips allow lateral movement of the slats for a certain degree of ‘flex’’, Windclips are specially adapted clips which ‘hook’ into the guides and lock the shutter when wind pressure increases.
  • Heavy-duty bearings and chain are standard to compensate for increased loads.
  • Easily repairable components – a full range of spare parts are readily available from our service department.
  • Ventilation or viewing panels may be incorporated into the curtain panel if required.
  • Tested in conjunction with AS1170 at University of New South Wales Structural Test facility, Sydney.

Thompson’s Industrial Roller Shutters

Thompson’s Industrial Roller Shutters have been designed and built to withstand high-velocity wind conditions that are common to open exposed sites. High Wind Roller Shutters are ideal for warehouses, factories, mines, carpark entries and loading docks. Call 02 9567 0488 and talk to our experts to find the right solution for your requirements.