Thompson’s Loading Dock Roller Shutters have been specifically designed for garbage rooms and loading docks. It is a purpose built roller shutter for typical situations with clean lines and reliability in areas where mounting a standard shutter would not fit the mounting brackets.

Loading Dock Roller Shutters features:

  • Shutter span widths up to 15000mm in a single opening.
  • Standard heavy duty bearings in the roller drum to allow for ease of operation.
  • Easily repairable components – full range of spare parts are readily available from our service department.
  • Minimum side room requirements
  • Manual operation available in the event of power failure.

Our Loading Dock Roller Shutters ideally are suited for:

Factories, warehouses, garbage rooms, loading docks and arcade entrances. Call 02 9567 0488 and talk to our experts to find the right solution for your requirements.