Thompson’s Ventilation Shutters are designed to suit situations where ventilation is equally as important as security and stylish looks. They are ideal for carparks, loading docks and internal applications.

High Security Roller Shutters Features

  • Made from strong interlocking perforated galvanised steel slats
  • Curls at the slats are solid, providing a stronger curtain compared to other perforated curtains
  • Available in 50mm and 75mm slats
  • Airflow up to 30% for perforated slats (75mm), 20% for perforated slats (50mm), and 32% for slotted slats both 50mm and 75mm
  • Can combine with solid slats for control of airflow and vision
  • More secure than conventional slotted shutters as it screens out potential thieves, inquisitive fingers, even birds and insects

If your business premises needs security, whilst having ease of access and a reliable operation, Thompson’s Roller Shutters have the products, experience, and craftsmanship to deliver the solution you need.

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