Roller shutters are the most important access points for most commercial and industrial premises. They’re constantly in use and they’re essential for avoiding downtime. It’s important that everyone in the workplace knows the safety issues surrounding roller shutters and how to operate them safely.


When it comes to roller shutter safety, here are two essential points to consider:


  • If you’re experiencing operational problems with your roller shutters don’t wait for an accident to happen. Put in a service call for urgent repairs.


  • If you’re installing new roller shutters, talk to your supplier about the best option to maximise safety and efficiency in your environment.

With those quick tips out of the way, let’s take a closer look at roller shutter safety in a commercial and industrial environment.


 Roller Shutter Safety – the Basics


Here are six typical safety considerations for modern roller shutter doors:


  1. Wear and tear:

    Constant use affects the tracks, the springs, and in some cases the electrical systems. Symptoms include uneven movement of the roller shutter, the door getting stuck while opening or closing, and other obvious signs of dysfunction. Get maintenance work done immediately to avoid potentially expensive repairs.


  1. Impact: Sooner or later, something or someone will impact a door with a forklift, a truck, or a load. In most cases, the damage will be minimal, but it is possible that the impact will cause major damage to the roller shutter mechanism.


  1. Sticking: If your roller tracks have been obstructed or damaged, sticking may occur. Do NOT attempt to un-stick a roller shutter door by yourself. The door may suddenly release, risking serious injury, so it’s best to leave this malfunction to the experts.


  1. Safety brakes: Safety brakes are used to ensure safe operation of your door and to prevent accidents. Doors that move too fast or erratically may have brake problems and should be repaired as soon as possible.


  1. Programmable and wireless roller shutters: These roller shutters may have program or wiring issues. Possible causes include improper operation, electrical faults, or wireless signal issues. Call for maintenance immediately, block off the door to traffic, and divert access to other entrance points.


  1. Fire safety: Modern roller shutters are designed to meet fire safety compliance standards. They offer valuable onsite protection during a fire.


Training and Safety

Operator error is a major cause of roller shutter accidents. The best solution is proper training for all staff, including OH&S training in safe shutter operation. Managers should also ensure their team knows how to use programmable and electronic locks.




Roller shutters are exposed to large stresses and constant operation. While they are made to last, their mechanisms will naturally deteriorate over time. Regular maintenance is essential to manage your roller shutters and doors. Simply schedule a maintenance call to reduce your risk and enhance your safety.


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