Your choice of industrial doors affects every aspect of your onsite operations.

The main points to consider aren’t always obvious and they can be unnecessarily expensive if you don’t pick the right type of roller shutter doors. Think about performance, compliance, OH&S, risk management, protection, and operation when you go shopping for a roller door.

Here is a brief overview of the factors that impact roller door selection and how to avoid making the wrong choice. Please note that we recommend consultation with suppliers and thorough examination of the site is essential before making a purchase.


Choosing an Industrial Door in 7 Simple Steps


  • Access

    Select a door that allows for safe access with plenty of room for movement. Doors for vehicle movement, in particular, should ensure a safe gap between door frames and a high enough ceiling for vehicles to enter and exit. Safe access should also be considered for foot traffic and people working on site.


  • Performance

    Every high-use industrial roller doors need to be heavy duty, with excellent performance parameters. Preferably, doors should have clear operational performance specifications, including any required safety, vision and ventilation options.


  • Compliance:

    Fire safety, hazardous goods management, and other compliance issues may need to be considered in your choice of door.


  • OH&S

    Modern Industrial doors are manufactured to high standards of safety and include many safety features. If you operate in a busy workplace with a lot of traffic and movement through entrances and exits, investing in the heavy duty industrial doors is a very wise commercial and risk management move.


  • protection

    Onsite protection minimises theft, vandalism and property damage. The best option is to focus on high-quality doors that can deliver both protection and resistance to attempted break-ins.


  • Location and operational issues

    All industrial sites have their own specific needs regarding their operation, the location of access points, and other factors. The best way to approach these issues is in consultation with an industrial doors specialist. Have a meeting with an industry expert before committing to any purchase.


  • Servicing and maintenance

    This is usually the last thing on anyone’s mind when they select industrial doors, but it’s very important. You should ensure that your doors can be serviced throughout their product life. Regular servicing and maintenance will prevent operational problems and added costs.



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