A Roller Shutter is an important product in which many businesses and properties require, but it is also important to consider other factors when it comes to the installation of the shutter to ensure installation goes smoothly.

The team here at Thompson’s Roller Shutters are happy to help and provide advice throughout the installation process, and our in-house manufacturing allows us to provide unique tailor-made solutions.

There are a few things we believe you should keep in mind when preparing your site for roller shutter installation.

Clearing Away Obstacles

It is important when preparing for roller shutters to make sure that the site is clear of any potential obstacles. This is necessary not only to ensure safety and ease of access, but also for gaining a proper perspective for how much room the shutters will need and for reorienting the workspace around the newly installed shutters.

Checking Measurements


It’s important to make sure that all measurements have been checked and double checked prior to installation. Be sure to take note of other aspects of the workplace and how they are positioned relative to the roller shutter. There is nothing worse than having a roller shutter installed, and realising that you didn’t properly accommodate for what surrounds it, potentially creating logistical difficulties in the operation of your business. Think about how many people, or forklifts, are likely to be passing through the roller shutter and at what frequency. Consider height requirements to make sure that the doorframe can accommodate all the vehicles that will need to use it – and any unexpectedly large vehicles or deliveries that may require extra room to manoeuvre.

Thompsons’s have a wealth of experience in the installation of roller shutters, and our in-house manufacturing capacity means we can tailor our solutions to fit your needs.

Occupational Health and Safety


As with any day in the workplace, it is crucial to make sure your site is up to scratch when it comes to the occupational health and safety requirements. Consider any risks that might be incurred during the installation process. If your site is continuing to operate during the installation process, make sure that any additional risks have been accounted for.

Keep a safe distance between those installing the roller shutter and those engaging in the everyday operations of the business. Also, if the roller shutter is being installed in a place that is typically in use, make sure alternative pathways have been established in the worksite for the duration of the installation. Employees and workers should be totally aware of the temporary requirements.

If the workplace is hindered by the installation of the roller shutter, it may lead to higher stress levels among workers and an increased likelihood of risk-taking. Be sure to ensure the safety of your employees and those installing the roller shutters at all times.

Professional Installations at Affordable Prices


Since 1927, Thompson’s Roller Shutters have been creating, improving, adapting and securing openings in factories, warehouses and commercial properties. If you have any queries regarding the installation of roller shutters, do not hesitate to contact us today!