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Performing Your Own Maintenance Check

By |2018-05-18T14:38:33+10:00Wednesday, February 14, 2018|Shutters|

The best way to ensure smooth the operation of your roller shutters and to reduce maintenance costs in the long term is to frequently monitor their performance. Inevitably, problems that go unaddressed can turn into bigger problems that require a higher cost down the road. Finding problems sooner means you avoid any potential ‘knock [...]

Preparing Your Site for Shutter Installation

By |2023-05-17T13:48:22+10:00Sunday, January 14, 2018|Shutters|

A Roller Shutter is an important product in which many businesses and properties require, but it is also important to consider other factors when it comes to the installation of the shutter to ensure installation goes smoothly. The team here at Thompson’s Roller Shutters are happy to help and provide advice throughout the installation [...]

Latest News on Roller Shutter Technology

By |2023-05-18T10:42:29+10:00Thursday, December 14, 2017|Shutters|

At Thompson’s Roller Shutters, we pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest in product and accessory developments for roller shutters of all uses. Our Sydney team is comprised of excellent engineers and specialists who endeavour to create the best in tailor-made roller shutter solutions, inventing a lot of the technology in house. [...]

Roller Shutters for Factories, Warehouses and Commercial Premises

By |2023-05-17T13:58:52+10:00Tuesday, November 14, 2017|Shutters|

Not all roller shutters are created equal, and different types of roller shutter will be more or less useful depending on their specific purpose. When deciding to buy a roller shutter, it is important that you clarify your operational needs. Different businesses will make decisions in regards to the requirements, ease of use and [...]

Fire ratings and fire shutters

By |2023-05-17T14:10:36+10:00Saturday, October 14, 2017|Shutters|

Specially reinforced fire shutters are crucial to protecting your property when fire rated solutions are required. The team at Thompson’s Roller Shutters offer effective protection for these applications. ‘Inferno’ Fire Rated Shutters Thompson’s ‘Inferno’ Fire Roller Shutter is an extremely effective fire protection method for businesses. This shutter allows access throughout a building which [...]

Enhance the Value of Your Business with Roller Shutters

By |2023-05-18T10:43:50+10:00Thursday, September 14, 2017|Shutters|

Roller shutters are a must for modern businesses concerned with the protection and integrity of their product. Roller shutters not only improve protection, efficiency, and save on labour, but they also promote a more ‘professional’ look, and give peace of mind to clients looking for a firm that cares about protection and timeliness in the [...]

A Short History of the Roller Shutter

By |2023-02-24T17:22:27+11:00Monday, August 14, 2017|Shutters|

Roller shutters are a must for any business that takes their protection seriously. Whether you’re running a heavy-duty industry, or a smaller commercial operation, roller shutters provide that added boost of protection while also adding a look of professionalism and improving the efficiency of the business. So, how long have roller shutters been in use? [...]

All about Automation for Your Shutters

By |2023-02-24T17:25:18+11:00Friday, July 14, 2017|Shutters|

Protecting your goods from burglary or extreme weather is essential for most businesses, and installing roller shutters is an important step in securing that end. The efficiency, ease and protection of your business can be greatly improved through the use of automated roller shutters. Why should you install automated roller shutters? What features can be [...]

Should I Choose Steel or Aluminium for my Shutters?

By |2023-05-18T10:45:08+10:00Wednesday, June 14, 2017|Shutters|

Protecting your business is a must, particularly in the current times of high-level commerce and frequent vandalism or theft. Although roller shutters are effective as a means of protection, they also lend a professional image to your business and signal to the world that you are interested in maintaining the integrity of your business and [...]

Perforated, Slotted and Amplimesh Roller Shutters for Sydney Businesses

By |2023-05-18T10:48:18+10:00Thursday, November 17, 2016|Roller Doors, Shutters|

Increase Vision and Ventilation in Your Car Park or Building Adding roller shutters to your car park is a great way to enhance protection and provide customers with much-needed peace of mind. Choosing roller shutters with perforated, slotted or amplimesh options is also a great way to increase vision and ventilation to your carpark or [...]