At Thompson’s Roller Shutters, we pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest in product and accessory developments for roller shutters of all uses. Our Sydney team is comprised of excellent engineers and specialists who endeavour to create the best in tailor-made roller shutter solutions, inventing a lot of the technology in house. We also partner with other brands, renowned for their excellence in roller shutter technology, to provide modern solutions for our clients.

Here are some examples of the latest technology in roller shutters.

Sectional Overhead Doors

Our specially designed Sectional Overhead Door is a quiet, lightweight and reliable solution that is suitable for use in commercial and multi-level residential applications (such as smaller residential car parks or small shopfronts).

The door is constructed from interlocking galvanised steel slates fixed on every alternate end by a metal end or Nylon clip to prevent lateral slat movement and allow for smooth operation. It is fixed on every fourth slat by a special clip to lock into the guides, and the heavy-duty bearings in the roller drum allow for ease of operation.

The high strength galvanised steel guides allow added protection against vandalism, and the flush mount handles are ideally suited for ease of lifting.

‘Inferno’ Fire Rated Shutter

Thompson’s ‘Inferno’ fire roller shutter is a modern and effective way of guarding against the hazards of fires. The roller shutter will stay open at all times and only close when either the temperature on the fusible link reaches 68 degrees Celsius or when a fire alarm is tripped – this is known as the ‘auto-descent’ feature. This shutter allows movement through a building which would otherwise have to be restricted by permanent fire-proof walls – an exciting development that maintains a dynamic and open working space whilst providing maximum protection.

Trust an Innovative Team for Your Business Solutions

The Thompson’s team is passionate about the varied and innovative uses of roller shutters. Keep up to date with our news, or contact us today to see what roller shutters can do for your business!