How ‘Inferno’ Fire Rated Roller Shutters can protect your business

Fire can cause staggering damage to people, properties, and businesses.  There are various safety procedures that are commonly adopted by all to help prevent and aid in the event of a fire.  Obviously, the most destructive damage is caused when a fire cannot be contained and spreads throughout a building, or multiple buildings.  Space and land in Sydney are so valuable that owners and users of buildings alike want to get the most out of the space they have.

By installing a Thompson’s ‘Inferno’ auto-descent Fire Roller Shutter, it allows access throughout a building which would otherwise be restricted or blocked by permanent fire-proof walls.  The auto-descent feature means that the Roller Shutter can stay open at all times and will only close when either the temperature on the fusible link reaches 68°C, or when a fire alarm is tripped.


Fire Rated Roller Shutters for all uses

Thompson’s  Sydney ‘Inferno’ Roller Shutters are CSIRO-tested to withstand fire for both 2 and 4 hours depending on their size.  Commercial Fire Rated Roller Shutters are designed to begin descent when temperatures reach 68°C, and can be connected to smoke alarm systems for added protection.  This product has a range of options to suit your particular need:

  1. Standard ‘Inferno’ Roller Shutters

Thompson’s Standard ‘Inferno’ Roller Shutters will fit standard-sized openings of up to 3600mm wide or a surface area of 14m2 and have a fire rating of up to 4 hours.  They can be used as normal Roller Shutters in Industrial, Commercial, and heavy residential car park settings, or installed in front of/ behind an existing roller shutter, door or gate to fire-proof an opening.

  1. Oversized ‘Inferno’ Roller Shutters

For larger factories, warehouses and loading docks where the openings need to be as large as possible, Thompson’s Oversized ‘Inferno’ Roller Shutters in Sydney have you covered.  They can be customised for openings of up to 5000mm high and 8000mm wide, however, due to their larger surface area they are only fire-resistant for up to 2 hours.

  1. Window ‘Inferno’ Roller Shutters

Thompson’s Window ‘Inferno’ Roller Shutters have a 4-hour fire rating are designed to be mounted in front of windows or smaller openings up to 2m2.  They have installed as ‘hold open’ roller shutters on the exterior of your building and only descend in the event of a fire.  This gives the owner and user of the building full use of their windows while still complying with the Building Code of Australia if they are within close proximity to a neighbouring building.

Book annual service, fire test & certification for your Industrial or Commercial Roller Shutters In Sydney

Fingers crossed, your Fire Rated Roller Shutter should never have to be used in the event of a fire, however, if it does, you need to ensure that it will be ready by ensuring it’s kept in peak operating condition.  It is essential to have at least one annual maintenance service for your roller shutters, as well as an annual fire inspection, test, and certification.

Fortunately, Thompson Roller Shutters in Sydney can take the pressure off you by supplying, installing, servicing, testing and certifying your Fire Rated Roller Shutters Sydney.  Call us today on 02 9567 0488 for all your Fire resistant shutters need in Sydney.