Specially reinforced fire shutters are crucial to protecting your property when fire rated solutions are required. The team at Thompson’s Roller Shutters offer effective protection for these applications.

‘Inferno’ Fire Rated Shutters

Thompson’s ‘Inferno’ Fire Roller Shutter is an extremely effective fire protection method for businesses. This shutter allows access throughout a building which would otherwise have to be restricted by permanent fire-proof walls. The Roller Shutter will say open at all times and only close when either the temperature on the fusible link reaches 68 degrees Celsius or when a fire alarm is tripped – this is known as the ‘auto-descent’ feature.

Our ‘Inferno’ Roller shutters are CSIRO tested to withstand between two and four hours of fire, depending on their size.

Standard ‘Inferno’ Roller Shutters

These shutters fit standard sized openings of up to 3600mm wide or a surface of 14m2 and have a four-hour fire rating. They can be employed in industrial, commercial and heavy residential car park settings, and can also be installed in front or behind existing roller shutters for added protection.

Oversized ‘Inferno’ Roller Shutters

These are for larger factories, warehouses and loading docks where openings need to be as large as possible to deal with incomings or outgoings. Our shutters can be customised for openings of up to 5000mm high and 8000mm wide. However, the added size means they are only fire-resistant for up to two hours.

Window ‘Inferno’ Roller Shutters

These four-hour fire rating shutters are made to be mounted in front of windows or smaller openings of up to 2m2. These shutters only descend in the event of a fire and are fully compliant with the Building Code of Australia.

Fire Proof Your Operations with Thompson’s

It’s important to remember that emergency fire shutters can be combined with regular shutters and the various operating systems attaching to them. Unique businesses need unique solutions, and the team here at Thompson’s Roller Shutters have the knowhow and experience to deliver optimal results for your fire protection needs. Contact us today to find further solutions for protecting your property today.