Protecting your business is a must, particularly in the current times of high-level commerce and frequent vandalism or theft. Although roller shutters are effective as a means of protection, they also lend a professional image to your business and signal to the world that you are interested in maintaining the integrity of your business and the goods you deliver.

Whether or not you choose steel or aluminium roller shutters for your business will depend largely on what your business goals are. Factors that come into play are your budget, the purpose for which the shutters are being used, the aesthetics of the shutter and how they will suit your current space, the location of your business and who will be likely to see them, who will be operating the shutters and how frequently, and more.

Thompson’s Roller Shutters are leaders in the roller shutter industry and have been so for 90 years. Our friendly Sydney team takes shutters seriously, and all of our key designers are engineers. Our roll-forming machines are designed and built in house to our own exacting standards, so you know you’re in safe hands no matter what kind of shutter you choose.

Steel vs Aluminium Shutters in Sydney

Benefits of steel and aluminum shutters:

Steel Shutters

Broadly speaking, steel shutters are preferable for those businesses requiring ‘heavy-duty’ protection. Steel wins hands down in terms of sheer strength and protection, and are thus suitable for larger (typically heavy industry) businesses that have the protection of their premises as their uppermost concern. Our high-strength galvanised steel guides allow additional protection against vandalism.

Our steel shutters are constructed from interlocking, galvanised steel slates fixed on every alternate end by a metal or Nylon clip to prevent lateral slat movement and allow for smooth and easy operation, and are fixed on every fourth slat by a special slip to lock into the guides.

Our heavy-duty bearings in the roller drum, and flush mount handles, also allow for ease of operation and lifting.

That’s not all; our team has a full range of spare parts on hand, allowing for prompt and effective repair – essential for businesses that can’t afford to waste any time.

Aluminium Shutters

Our aluminium shutters are more suited to busier, smaller scale commercial operations with a lot of foot traffic. Aluminium shutters are quieter, lighter, and commonly used in applications such as shop fronts, sports complexes, shopping centres, bottle shops and similar outfits.

Their lightness and quietness are often preferable for the business owner who just wants to be able to quickly roll up the shutter in the morning prior to the start of business, and not have to go through the fuss of a heavier and more unwieldy steel shutter.

Aluminium shutters also allow passersby to see through to the products, allowing for protection as well as ongoing advertising for those who are walking by after hours.

Let the Experts Help You Find the Right Shutters

Our team of friendly experts is more than happy to advise you on the best shutter for your particular commercial application. Do not hesitate to contact us today!