Roller shutters are a must for any business that takes their protection seriously. Whether you’re running a heavy-duty industry, or a smaller commercial operation, roller shutters provide that added boost of protection while also adding a look of professionalism and improving the efficiency of the business.

So, how long have roller shutters been in use? What have been the signal developments in roller shutter technology over the years? The team at Thompson’s Roller Shutters has many engineers who take a passionate interest in their craft. Here’s a brief look at the history of the roller shutter.


The Roller History

In the 1st Century AD, a Greek mathematician and engineer known as Heron of Alexandria invented the first automatic door. He employed fire to heat water, turning it to steam and displacing the weight that pulled on a rope to open a temple door. His early innovations in engines were put to many other uses, too, including creating a vending machine, and automatically manoeuvring props on the stage in theatre productions.

In the 1970s, the roller doors we know today began to be introduced by companies such as Rolflex Nederland to replace the revolving door. Used primarily to protect warehouses, the roller door quickly expanded in use as businesses realised the unique improvements in functionality that the roller door could bring.

During the 1970s and 1980s, the global economy experienced a number of energy crises that underscored the necessity of finding energy-saving measures to be employed in business. As roller doors provide efficient and effective insulation, and can effectively protect goods from exterior conditions, roller doors were more frequently used in warehousing to reduce energy consumption and bills.

Furthermore, as labour relations laws were passed to increasingly protect the worker from excessive strain, roller doors were seen as a great labour saving device that also had added benefits such as protecting workers from noise pollution – particularly crucial in heavy industrial areas.


Modern Developments

More recently, roller shutters have seen their potential uses expand dramatically. In the Australian market, roller shutters have come to be seen as essential in protecting goods and workers from extreme weather events (such as bushfires and storms).

Aluminium roller doors have been employed in smaller, commercial contexts because the lightness of operation and superior aesthetics mean that they are more appropriate for everyday retailers. Businesses who want the improved protection of a roller shutter without having to resort to heavier and unwieldy steel options can enjoy these innovations.

Integrating roller shutters with new operating systems, such as remote controls, tailor-made key protection and solar power, will continue to drive the use of roller shutters as they are firmly realised as essential to the operations of most modern businesses.


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