Protect your business and its contents with our strong, reinforced ‘Typhoon’ Roller Shutters

In June 2016, ferocious storms rolled over Sydney leaving a devastating trail of destruction in its wake. As well as disrupting lives and destroying homes, the storm caused huge amounts of costly damage to many Australian businesses.

Increased protection with ‘Typhoon’ Roller Shutters

The reinforced wind-locked steel guides on our Industrial ‘Typhoon’ Roller Shutters will protect against most, if not all, strong wind gusts that would normally rip straight through other lighter-duty roller shutters and doors.  If your business is in a high wind, storm, and hurricane prone area, help protect your premises and stock by installing this heavy-duty, wind-resistant roller shutters.

 Features and benefits that ‘Typhoon’ Roller Shutters offer

Our ‘Typhoon’ Roller Shutters have been designed to combine protection against powerful winds with the functionality of large, heavy-duty openings that are typically found in Industrial and Commercial shutters settings.  This design has been successfully tested to meet the high standards of AS1170 at the University of New South Wales Structural Test Facility.  Our unique and exclusive wind-locked steel guides allow the curtain extra strength to brace itself against strong wind gusts which prevent the curtain from either blowing in completely, or at the very least, dramatically reducing the damage which protects your premises, stock, and business’ downtime.

The unique features that make these Industrial and Commercial Roller Shutters so powerful include:

  • Galvanised, powder coated or poly-painted steel slats in an interlocking construction with deep rounded profiles of 75mm or 100mm widths.
  • Wind-locked properties for every second slot.
  • End clips that allow for lateral movement of the slats, giving strength through flexibility.
  • Specially designed wind-clips that hook into the side guide and lock the shutter when wind pressure increases.
  • Openings that span up to 14 metres across without losing structural strength.
  • Heavy-duty chains and bearings as a standard feature.
  • Easily repairable or replaceable components, making maintenance easy and affordable.


 Keep your Roller Shutters in peak operating condition

Often overlooked, Roller Shutters in Sydney are one of the most crucial elements in any building.  If a door stops working or is damaged, it can become a great inconvenience to all users of the building as well as a protection risk.  It is important to schedule regular maintenance services to ensure your Roller doors is kept in its peak operating condition at all times.  A trained eye can better assess your roller shutters and pick up on small and seemingly insignificant problems that could potentially lead to larger, more costly and untimely issues.

As long-time manufacturers and suppliers of  Commercial & Industrial Roller Shutters in Sydney, Thompson’s offer expert maintenance services for all our products.  Contact us on 02 9567 0488 to discuss installation or maintenance of Typhoon Roller Shutters for your Sydney business.