Ensure your Business, car park and commercial premises are protected this year.  Make 2017 the year you invest in a functional roller door. Learn about the NSW recent stats where it states that 74%

Learn about the NSW recent stats where it states that 74% of property damage occurs between 3 pm and 3 am which is mostly after hours for businesses. In that case, what’s the role of Roller Shutters?

Roller Shutters not only prevent from fire, privacy but it’s essential for every Commercial or Industrial business ti have that extra security which features interlocking galvanised steel slats.

At Thompson Roller Shutters based in Sydney, we can provide with 6 different roller shutters each suitable for different purposes and commercial operation.

  • Sentinel security for shops, small eateries, storage etc
  • Inferno CSIRO-approved shutters for openings and windows of all sizes
  • Typhoon wind resistant and perfect for mines, car parks and loading docks
  • Traffic designed for high-end use car parks and high traffic areas
  • Perfslat appearance, security and ventilation for commercial properties.
  • Countertop medium security shutters designed for severy counters.

Keep your security functioning with Thompson Roller Shutters in Sydney. Contact us today on (02) 9567 0488 to organise repairs or to invest in commercial roller shutters.